Gold Coast Jewel Receives Unanimous Approval from City Council

We are thrilled to announce the Jewel-Osco redevelopment project at Clark and Division was unanimously approved on January 21 by the Chicago City Council. The project has now received all necessary approvals and is scheduled to break ground by the summer of this year.

The final approval comes after two years and more than 30 community meetings with local residents, business owners, community groups, home owners' associations and elected officials to reach consensus on a redeveloped Jewel-Osco.
We sincerely appreciate the many groups and individuals who have provided steadfast support for the project throughout the years. During a previous meeting of the City Council's zoning committee, a number of aldermen and community groups highlighted the widespread support the project has in the neighborhood, and gave credit to all those involved for creating such a robust community engagement process.
The flagship Jewel-Osco will be an anchor in the neighborhood, providing residents a modern and exceptional full-service grocer. The new luxury rental apartment building at the northeast corner of LaSalle and Division will bring safety and security improvements, along with a vastly improved streetscape. We are investing more than $1 million in neighborhood improvements, including the enhanced streetscape, pedestrian crosswalk improvements, landscaping and more lighting along Clark and Division Streets. These much needed neighborhood improvements will make the area of Clark and Division a more safe and beautiful environment reflective of the Gold Coast.
We will provide a timeline for breaking ground and construction in the coming weeks, so please check back and do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.
Thank you, again, for your continued support. 
Updated Redevelopment Proposal
Jewel-Osco and Fifield Companies have been working with local residents, community groups, home owners' associations, and 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti to revise the proposal for the redevelopment of the Jewel-Osco at Clark and Division. The development team made significant changes to the proposal that include additional vehicular access from the garage to Division St., reduced height of the luxury apartment building, and continued commitment to neighborhood improvements.

Reduced Height and Density

Original Proposal
  • 42-story apartment building anchored at LaSalle and Division
  • 477 units

Revised Proposal

  • 35-story apartment building (reduced by five stories)
  • 390 units

Improved Vehicular Access
Original Proposal
  • One access point to/from the garage on Clark St.
  • One entry lane and two exit lanes
  • One additional car movement to/from Clark St. per minute

Revised Proposal
  • Two access points to/from the garage on Clark St. and Division St.
  • Division St. access has one exit lane
  • Clark St. access has one entry lane and one exit lane
  • Store size decreased approximately 2,000 square feet and layout modified to accommodate additional exit to Division St.
  • One additional car movement to/from Division St. or Clark St. every two minutes
  • Consideration of funds for signal and traffic flow improvements on Division St. at Clark and LaSalle
  • Updated Jewel-Osco delivery truck policy to mitigate disturbances and double parking

Neighborhood Improvements
  • More than $1 million in neighborhood improvements along Division and Clark Streets
  • New landscaping and wrought-iron-style planters
  • Addition of historically fashioned street lamps with hanging planter baskets
  • Pedestrian safety and crosswalk enhancements
  • 24-7 security personnel and surveillance cameras to deter criminal activity

Neighborhood Survey Results
  • Multi-mode survey: Automated phone survey, direct mail, and online versions
  • 1,006 responses total; 10 percent response rate; 74 percent in favor of the project
  • 81 percent of respondents reported they would feel safer at Clark and Division with the Jewel-Osco redevelopment in place
The redevelopment of Clark and Division will bring many benefits to the Gold Coast community - a new flagship Jewel-Osco grocery store, improved streetscape and lighting, as well as luxury rental apartments. In addition, the project will revitalize and beautify the immediate area and contribute to a safe, inviting atmosphere.

Jewel-Osco and Fifield Companies have met and shared the preliminary proposal with community groups and residents in the immediate area. A zoning application has been filed with the city of Chicago for an in-depth review. The filing of this application triggers the expanded and comprehensive public process, which includes additional community meetings and opportunities for input. Information about upcoming meetings and additional news will be regularly posted on this website.

If you have questions or comments about the proposal or would like to receive periodic updates via email, please visit our "Contact Us" page.

The proposed project is a cooperative venture of Jewel-Osco and Fifield Companies.